#FeelTheBern Supporters, Please Be Safe

Bernie Sanders has received close to 10 million votes thus far with over 1 million individual donations.  His support is YUGE!

With the recent events of the Nevada Convention as well as the assault by Wendell Pierce on a Bernie supporter, my concern over safety of all involved is beginning to grow enormously.

Do I believe even for a second that Bernie Sanders supporters are outright violent? Absolutely not!  Do I believe that there are some individuals on all sides who have the potential to become violent? Absolutely!

Bernie Sanders, just like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, cannot possibly vet every single voter, supporter, and donor to his campaign. If it were even possible to do so, it would probably be frowned upon for many ethical reasons.

This means that their may be some supporters of all campaigns who have a penchant for violence and may incite riots.  But the candidates themselves are not to blame for these violent attacks.  Not unless they, in some way, condone the acts or even encourage such acts.  To my knowledge, neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton have done such things.

Any person who is found to have committed violent acts or threats of aggression should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

At this point, I would like to beg all of the candidates’ supporters to be extremely careful in your actions as well as your words.  Do not say or do anything that could in any way be taken as a threat of violence.  Do not allow your candidate to be dragged through the mud because of something you said or did in the heat of the moment.

I don’t like Hillary Clinton very much.  There is no denying that, but I do not blame her directly for shots being fired into Bernie Sanders’ campaign headquarters, or for his campaign team’s apartment being broken into and ransacked, or even for Wendell Pierce physically assaulting a Bernie Sanders supporter.  I don’t believe she had anything directly to do with any of these actions.  But I am just one voice out of millions.

This one, small voice, is asking, begging for everyone to just choose peace over violence, to choose love over war.

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As everyone knows at this point, there has been a lot of discussion over raising the minimum wage in America.  While I would agree, that people should aim for much higher than a minimum wage job and that it should only be a transition job, for many people, they don’t have much choice but to accept a minimum wage position.  Besides, who should starve while attempting to reach for that better paying position?

Let’s take a look at the actual numbers.

The current minimum wage in the United States in 2016 is $7.25.  Assuming a full-time job, yearly net pay would be $15,080.  This individuals tax percentage is 15%, leaving them with a take home pay of approximately $12,818 (not including other deductions).

With a minimum wage increase to $15.00 per hour, yearly net pay would be $31.200.  Their tax percentage would remain the same at 15%, leaving them with a take home pay of approximately $26,520 (again, not including other deductions).

Now let’s look at average expenses.

Median gross rent in the United States is approximately $934 per month, which comes to $11,208 per year.

The average American spends $6,443 per year on groceries.

Average utility bill in the United States (electricity, water, heating, garbage) is approximately $146.97 per month, which comes to $1,763.64 per year.

Average cost to own and operate a vehicle in the United States comes to approximately $8,698 annually.

Total cost of these basic expenses (remember, this does not include anything except basic necessities to survive): $28,112.64 per year.

Some people might be able to manage to pay less than the average and MIGHT be able to survive on minimum wage, but, remember, this doesn’t include costs for healthcare, telephone, internet, clothing, dining out, entertainment, or anything else that might come up in normal, everyday life.  And, also, keep in mind that this is just for ONE person, not a family trying to survive on this income.

$15 an hour isn’t even enough, but it’s a good start.

And for all those people that say that people should just try to get another job, please remember that it isn’t always as easy as that.

Take, for instance, that person who might have had a decent paying job that they got laid off from because their job was either eliminated or sent overseas.  In some states, there is a minimum amount of time one can remain on unemployment and in some states, they require you to take ANY job that is offered to you whether or not it is less than what you made before.

Never judge another person until you have all the information.  In fact, it’s best to simply not judge anyone else in general.

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Support #Berniecrats in California Primary

California, your primary is coming up on June 7th at 7:am.  Please don’t forget to vote for Bernie Sanders as well as all the BernieCrats that support him as well as have similar platforms to him.  Here’s a helpful list for you:

All pictures were borrowed from @EndorseBernie.

Beitiks, Mike - US Senate

website: http://www.iwillnotdonothing.org twitter: @NotDoNothing

Caballero, Jose - City Council - San Diego - District 7

website: http://www.jose4sd.com twitter: @JoseCaballeroSD

Cabrera, Jay - CA House - District 24

website: jaycan.us twitter: @JaysCandidacy

Casalaina, Vincent - Alameda County Central Commission - AD 18

twtter: @ProBerkeley facebook: vincent.casalaina.5

Cedillo, Gil - City Council - Los Angeles - District 1

twitter: @GilCedillo

Elenes, Guillermo - Alameda County Central Committee

website: elenes.zohosites.com twitter: @gdelenes

Gerlach, Jeffrey - US Congress - 1st District

website: jeffreygerlachforcongress.org twitter: @free_congress

Gould, Ben - Mayor - Berkeley

website: http://www.bengould.org twitter: @BGouldForMayor

Hill, Steve - CA Senate - District 21

website: http://www.stevehillforsenate.com twitter: @SteveHillSenate

Hunter, Mary Jane - Neighborhood Council - Echo Park

twitter: @MaryJaneFrances

Lopez, Jorge - House - 67th District

website: http://www.lopezforstateassembly.com twitter: @JLopez4CA67th

Malloy, Patrick - US Congress - 50th District

website: patrickmalloyforcongress.com twitter: @Votemalloy4cong

Marinelli, Louis - Assembly - 80th District

website: http://www.marinelliforassembly.com twitter: @LouisJMarinelli

Mejia, Kenneth - US Congress - 34th District

website: kennethmejiaforcongress.nationbuilder.com twitter: @25ForCongress

Musante, Marcus - US Congress - 44th District

website: http://www.musanteforcongress.com twitter: @MarcusMusante

Nguyen, Bao - US Congress - 46th District

website: http://www.bao2016.com twitter: @OfficialBao

Ostrander, William - US Congress - 24th District

website: http://www.ostranderforcongress.com twitter: @BillOstrander24

Palsson, Nils - US Congress - 5th District

website: http://www.peoplesvictory.us twitter: @NIPalsson

Patrick, Patrea - US Congress - 30th District

website: http://www.patreapatrick.com twitter: @TreaPatrick

Picus, Preston - US Congress - 12th District

website: http://www.picus2016.com twitter: @Picus4Congress

Pierre, Frantz - Mayor - Los Angeles

website: frantzformayor.com twitter: @FrantzForMayor

Rawlings, Russell - Mayor - Sacramento

website: http://www.rollwithrussell.org twitter: @RollWithRussell

Reed, Wendy - US Congress - 23rd District

website: wendyreedforcongress.com twitter: @WendyReedTweet

Reynolds, Alan - Assembly - 41st District

website: http://www.alansreynolds.com twitter: @AlanSReynolds

Rodgers, Emory - US Senate

website: voteforemory.com twitter: @VoteForEmory

Saez, Sarah - City Council - San Diego - District 9

website: votesaez.org twitter: @SarahSaezSD

Schrode, Erin - US Congress - 2nd District

website: http://www.erinfor.us twitter: @ErinSchrode

Secor, David - US Congress - 50th District

twitter: @DaveWayOutWest

Shammas, Joe - US Congress - 29th District

website: joeshammas.com twitter: @JoeShammasCA

Sotomayor, Armando - US Congress - 44th District

website: http://www.sotomayorforcongress.com twitter: @SotomayorCA44

Stokes, Steve - US Senate

website: http://www.stokes4senate.com twitter: @Stokes4Senate

Suscavage, Kevin - Assemby - 39th District

twitter: @KevinSuscavage

Tubbs, Michael - Mayor - Stockton

website: mdtubbs.com twitter: @MichaelDTubbs

Vince, Lou - US Congress - 25th District

website: http://www.louvince.com twitter: @LouVince25

Williams, Joe - US Congress - 20th District

website: joewilliams4congress.com twitter: @Joe_Congress

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Just Because You Voted


Just because your state has already held their primary/caucus, doesn’t mean there is nothing more you can do to support your candidate.  There is so much more to do.

For instance, you can continue to phone bank, encouraging other voters to get out and vote for your candidate during the future primaries/caucuses.  It’s not over until June 14th!  So keep calling people!

You can also participate in your state conventions.  For example, the Texas State Democratic Convention is being held June 16th through the 18th in San Antonio, Texas.  Be sure to check for your state’s convention and attend it, if possible.  If you cannot attend yourself, encourage others to attend.

And, last, but not least, there is always the National Convention that you can attend and encourage others to attend.  The Democratic National Convention is being held in Philadelphia this year from July 25th through the 29th.

So, don’t just sit back and do nothing.  There is so much more you can do to get your candidate into the General Election.

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It’s All About Experience

It has been said that Hillary Clinton has more experience than Bernie Sanders in the political arena.  But is that really true?

Let’s compare:

Bernie Sanders began his official political career in 1981 when he ran for Mayor of Burlington, Vermont.  He won that election by a mere 10 votes and was re-elected three times for that position, totaling 8 years.

In 1991, Sanders was elected as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives and served for a total of 16 years when he was elected as Senator of Vermont.  He served as Senator from 2007 until now (a total of 9 years to date).

This brings Sanders political career to a total of 32+ years.  This does not include his many years of political activism.

Bernie Experience

Now, let’s look at Hillary’s time in political office.

Hillary was elected as Senator of New York in 2001 and held that office until 2009 for a total of eight years.  She was then nominated as Secretary of State by President Barrack Obama in 2009 and served in that capacity until 2013.  This brings her total of experience in political office to a total of 12 years.

Even if we were to include her time as First Lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the United States, it would still only bring her total to 32 years.  Therefore, it is foolish to claim that Clinton has more experience that Sanders.

This is only taking into account the number of years held in office.  It does not include the things they have done while in office or out of office, for that matter.

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How SuperDelegates Work

SuperDelegates are public officials who are allowed to endorse whichever candidate they want for the Democratic Party. They are not obligated to vote based on their constituents.

For instance, they can vote for the individual they think dresses better, or they can vote for their best friend who is running, or (and more likely) they can vote for the person who promised them “a small loan of one million dollars”.

However, such votes have consequences. For instance, in Washington the overwhelming majority of voters voted for Bernie Sanders. Should Washington’s 17 SuperDelegates choose to continue to endorse Hillary Clinton, they may find themselves out of a job come reelection time. 


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Bernie Sanders Saturday – October 4, 2015

Minimum Wage

What’s new with Bernie?  Well, let’s take a look:

He raised $24 million in online donations with 650,000 contributors!  This is amazing from somebody who isn’t using Super Packs.  Check out the article from The New York Times here.

Health Care

Why is Bernie’s campaign surging?  “He’s telling the truth,” says Robert Reich in the article posted on RawStory.com’s website.  Check out the article here.

Meet Bernie here.

Subscribe to Bernie’s YouTube channel here.

Follow Bernie on Facebook here.

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