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Review of Applebee’s by Angela O’Neal


7 Things I Would Love to Eat Guilt-Free

Mama Kat challenges us to write a blog about 7 things we would love to eat guilt-free.  I love Mama Kat’s blogs/vlogs.  She is a great inspiration for me, however, I am altering this to include drinks.

    1. Steak – I love steak in all forms.  Unfortunately, I am poor and very rarely get to eat steak.  Sure I get steak tacos every now and then, but it’s not the same as slicing into a big, juicy steak with a loaded baked potato and some form of vegetables for a side dish.

    2. Bacon – I absolutely LOVE bacon.  I could willing eat a whole pound of the stuff by myself.  I even love things wrapped in bacon.  Bacon-wrapped bacon is even better in my book.
    3. Eclairs – These yummy little treats never last long in my house.  It’s an obsession with us.

    4. Wine – I love red wine.  Not sweet though.  Sweet wine is nasty.  I like Burgundy and Merlot.  Give me wine and I’m a happy camper.w-wine-bottle-glass23876
    5. Margaritas – I love Margaritas as well, but not frozen.  It must be on the rocks with salt.  And I better taste that tequila or it isn’t even worth my time.large-margarita-glass
    6. Mexican food – I love Mexican food.  I’m trying to learn to cook it so I don’t have to wait to be able to afford to go out to eat (Taco Bell doesn’t count), but I’m not the best at it yet.maxresdefault
    7. And, finally, we have Dr. Pepper – I’m absolutely obsessed with this stuff.  I know I could lose a ton of weight if I just stopped drinking this, but I love it.  I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever.

So, there you have it.  The 7 things I would love to eat/drink guilt-free.  I hope you enjoyed!


Mama’s Losin’ It

Spirit Animal

Talk Tuesday!

If you had a “spirit animal” that wasn’t an animal, what would yours be? (Pretty sure mine’s a burrito in case anyone asks, but no one is and I could be totally wrong). And what would you think some of your fellow bloggers’ “spirit animals (that aren’t animals)” are?


Privately, I believe my real spirit animal is a tiger.  But, what would it be if it wasn’t an animal?  A novel?  But which novel?  The ones that come to mind are Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald Mage trilogy.  They could be my spirit animal in non-animal form.


Supposing that we desired to have fun with this, it could be Dr. Pepper or even wine.  Why not?  I enjoy both.




Or a stuffed animal?  The stuffed bunny my daughter gifted me so I’d have something to snuggle with when I sleep.  (Can I tell you a secret?  I snuggle with that bunny every night.  It’s a wonderful cuddler!)


Too many options to choose from and I’m afraid I am not acquainted with my fellow bloggers well enough to predict theirs.  But I am looking forward to their posts to see what they consider their “animals”.



9-11, the 2004 tsunami, railway crashes, airplane crashes, bombings, war, terrorism.  These are things many people think of when they hear the word “devastation”.  For me, it’s more personal; more close to home.




Devastation occured the day the doctor diagnosed my mother with Stage 4 Small Cell Carcinoma.  The prognosis wasn’t a good one.  Small cell is a rapidly moving cancer that barely leaves a five percent chance of surviving five years.


Devastation happened when my mother got through one chemotherapy treatment only to develop a blood infection that almost cost her the short life she already had.  Two weeks in the hospital where they inadvertently stumbled across the proper antibiotic.  Two weeks that cost her chemotherapy treatments.


Devastation was when my mother decided on home-hospice knowing her days were truly numbered.


Devastation was taking care of her in her last days, knowing they would be the only moments I had left with her.


Devastation was stepping out of the room, listening to her breathing, only to realize that I couldn’t detect her breathing anymore.


Devastation was going back in to check on her to find that she was gone.


Devastation was watching as my father and my kids cry.


Devastation was waking up from weird dreams and wanting to talk with my mother about them to realize she wasn’t there anymore to listen to my stories.


Devastation was losing the woman who had brought me into this world and made me into the person I am today.


Devastation was loss.  Devastation was grief.  Devastation was being left without her.




Written for “The Daily Post” prompt.


Privacy? What’s that? Is it that thing I had before having children? I’m uncertain. It’s been eighteen years, so I seriously don’t recall anymore. Since they’ve been born, I’ve shared my life with them, my home with them, my bedroom with them. When they were infants, I always had to share bathroom time with them. I remember taking them into the bathroom, strapped in their car seats, so I was able take a shower.


Angela, Aaron & Rose

Privacy is undoubtedly a thing of the past when you are a single-parent with twins. As they grew older, I took showers without them in the actual bathroom. But I still lack privacy in other ways. It’s been an adequately long time since I’ve had a date, but when I do, sharing the details with my kids is expected. Without kids, I could readily write of the date in my journal and leave it at that. If I experience a lousy day at work, I must share this with my kids (otherwise they drive me insane with their constant bickering with each other).


Rose & Aaron being silly

Even when I am writing I lack privacy. My daughter constantly asks me what I am writing. Often she reads my work. (Only when writing in a journal is my world private with her.)

I realize how terrible this sounds. Virtue can be found in lacking privacy after having children. I am never alone, which means I never need to be lonely. My children ask for details of my day at work because they are genuinely interested in my life. They never leave me alone because they want to be near me (few people with eighteen-year-olds can say the same of their children). My daughter is the best critic one might ask for regarding my writing. She regularly gives valuable critiques of my work and helps make my work better for it.

I enjoy the lack of privacy. But every now in again, it might be nice to experience utter silence.

*Sigh* That is not likely to happen in my lifetime.

Written for “The Daily Post” prompt “Privacy

Dear White People

Remember who you want to be in the end.

A Thomas Point of View

Can we talk?

Can we truly talk about the elephant in the room that you never want to talk about?


Let’s talk about race.

I’m black.

I’m a woman.

Two indisputable facts that you may have noticed.

I’m a mother.

To a son.

He’s the light of my life.

He’s my Munch.

He’s also black.

Why do I keep mentioning color? Because I need you to see and acknowledge the rich hues in my skin tone. I need you to see my melanin and know that I am black. Can you see the warm coffee colored hues of my skin tone just radiating? Yes?


Let’s talk.

I’m black. A beautiful black woman who shares a rich history in this country. My ancestors were kings and queens, slaves and sharecroppers. I know this. Many of you know this. But, I need you to stop acting like I’m supposed to forget…

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Whew!  I just spent all day clearing out all the sites that I am following that haven’t posted in a while.  I feel bad, though.  Some of the sites were really good and I’m sure some of the reason they don’t post anymore is because they weren’t getting enough feedback from followers.  I take partial responsibility for that.  I should have been more active and I wasn’t.

I want to try to change that.  Every six months I plan on going through my list and unfollow those that don’t post regularly (instead of doing it every few years).  And then I want to try to make sure I remain active on reading and commenting on blog posts.  I’m thinking my goal will be to read and promote five posts/blogs per week at a minimum.

This week, I want to try and feature five bloggers who have fewer than 100 followers.

Whitney Thompson has 72 followers and she has such a cute blog!  And, let’s face it, I can’t resist the Doctor Who references in this particular blog post! The Phantom Coach, or Ghost Theft Auto: The Masterpost

CroweLowe has 3 followers and she won the way to my heart with her love of Stephen King!  Check out the excerpt from her book:  Hunters, Inc.

J.D. Cunegan has 54 followers and has written multiple books.  I’ve started reading one of his books, but haven’t finished it yet, but what I’ve read is really amazing.  Check him out!

Love and Rage Media Collective has 58 followers and focuses on current topics in the news.

Robert Kirkendall has 73 followers and writes fiction.  His current work is called Redwood Summer.  Check it out.

Well, there are five!  I hope you enjoy and show some love to their blogs.  Please feel free to post links to blogs you think I should check out in the comments below.