Welcome to the World, Black Mold!

Tuesday was a pretty good day.  I took the day off of work to take my kid to their orthodontist appointment and found out that they were ready to have their braces taken off just in time for their move to Wisconsin.  This was great news because we were worried about the cost of having them removed by a different orthodontist.  They scheduled the removal for early Friday morning.


Wednesday wasn’t too bad of a day.  My son moved in with me bringing with him way too much stuff (my living room is currently filled with boxes and those boxes are mostly filled with books).  I believe I am going to like living with my son and getting to know him as a person.


In the process of moving things around in my kids’ room, they moved the dresser that shared the wall with the main bathroom which recently had a leak that maintenance had repaired.  When they moved the dresser they found black mold on the carpet where the dresser had been.  Further investigation found black mold inside the bathroom cabinets as well as a huge hole that was caused when the maintenance man completed the leak repair.

After we had unloaded all of his boxes and furniture from the U-Haul, my son cooked dinner for all of us.  It was really nice to not have to be the one to cook for a change.  After dinner, the kids were going to go do a little grocery shopping.  They went to get into my son’s truck when, lo and behold, the darn thing wouldn’t start.  It didn’t even try to start the little bugger.  So, I had to let him use my car since we really needed the groceries.  I had him call his boss to let her know that he might not make it to work the next night unless we could get his car fixed when I got home from work.  That apparently wasn’t going to work because she really needed him to get to work, so I agreed to let him use my car so long as I could be guaranteed he’d be back in time for me to get my other kid to their orthodontist appointment on Friday.  So, that worked out alright.

So, my son took my car to work and at 5:45 in the morning he arrives home and wakes us up to inform us that his car was missing.  Yay!  Because we really needed this to be happening on top of everything else.  Freaking hell!

Tow Truck

Apparently the apartment complex had begun enforcing their parking permit rules without notifying ALL of their residents.  Lucky us!  So, they had his truck towed.

I got up eventually and took my kid to have their braces removed.  They couldn’t stop smiling and it was seriously amazing to see how happy something so simple as having straight teeth made them.

Big Smile

When we got back we went to the management office of the apartment to have them change the lease.  Originally they wanted me to sign something that stated that my child had abandoned the property and I didn’t know how to locate them.  That just rubbed me the wrong way.  But the person who was helping us tried to insist because they couldn’t find the correct form.  Seriously?  I made her find the right form.

While we were there I asked about the towing and they tried to claim that I must be mistaken because “everyone” was informed and they had to sign this document stating the fact, so I said that they could look in my file and find that there was no such document signed by me.  Luckily, the assistant manager was much more reasonable and stated that she would call the towing company and have them release the vehicle to us at no charge because it was their mistake.  So, that was good.  She was supposed to call us when she heard back from the towing company’s owner.  (Still waiting)

The other subject I brought up while there was the black mold.  Once again, the assistant manager seemed very reasonable and stated that she would have the head of maintenance come by and take a look.  (I pointed out the fact that the maintenance guy who repaired the leak HAD to have known there was black mold when he closed up the wall.)

So, we waited at the apartment.  They sent the same guy who repaired the leak and he thought the leak was back.  I told him no and showed him the black mold.  He said they would replace the carpet and repair the wall.  I said no, that they had to replace the carpet, part of the floor board, the wall in the bedroom that shared the bathroom wall, the entire wall in the bathroom and treat any black mold found inside the wall.  He tried to claim that the black mold on the carpet wasn’t mold, but was damage from the water.  That’s when I really put my foot down and told him to talk with the head of maintenance.  He left and came back stating that the head of maintenance was very busy and would be by later, but in the meantime he would repair the bathroom wall.  I told him no, that I wanted the head of maintenance to see everything before any work was done.  He said it might not be until Monday.  I said fine, I’ll wait until Monday.

I know it is not good to be breathing in this crap, but him “fixing” the wall wasn’t going to fix the mold issue.  It needs to be done right.  So we wait.

Wait Here

In the meantime, my son still doesn’t have his truck.  I hope we can get it tomorrow and there is a mechanic that can look at it AND fix it on a Saturday.  If not, my son will just have to use my car again, which means I will have to go in late to work on Monday.  They better not charge storage fees at this towing company, because I am not paying them a single cent.

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