The Future of What?

30-Day Bloggers Group:  November 29-30, 2013 Serial Prompt:  Part Two:  What are you thankful for? On the first day (yesterday), give me an overview of everything you were thankful for at the age of 10, and everything you are thankful for in your life currently. Feel free to make two lists. How have your lists changed? On the second day (today), think about your future self and make a list of what you will be thankful for in the future. Please be inventive with this. Make a life for yourself and imagine what the world may be like 20, 30, 40, 50, etc. years in the future.


I don’t know if I really want to think as far ahead in my life as 20 years or more.  More than likely one or both of my parents will be gone by then and that is a thought I do not want to contend with at the moment.

Besides that I worry about the state of the United States government and where it will be in twenty years.  I picture a world much like the mini-series “The Last Enemy”.  If you think we are far from that world, just remember what is happening right now with Snowden and Assange.  We aren’t that far from it.

In an ideal world, in twenty years I will have all of my family with me.  The government will be healthy and strong and the democracy it was designed to be.  I will be employed with a chance of a healthy retirement in the future.  My children will have received whatever education they desired and they will also be gainfully employed.  Maybe even one of them will have given me grandchildren if I’m lucky.  (Marriage first though, so no rush there.)

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