Showing my Followers Some Love

Please check out my wonderful new followers and see if you would like to follow them as well:


A young woman from Ireland who writes fascinating reviews on television shows, movies, games and music.
A blog about raising a child who is in their “Terrible Twos”.  Personally, I didn’t think my kids were all that bad when they were two.  In fact, I wish they were two again, because 14 sucks!
A blog about a little bit of everything.  A mom looking to reconnect with other adults who makes sock monsters, illustration drawings and who enjoys knitting.
JALBN 2.0 Ishmael Received
A very interesting and stimulating blog with wonderful pictures and very interesting posts on a variety of subjects.
From her About page:  “I’m watching out for my servant, Servant Z.
Responsible from absorbing all the negative energy that is charged at her.”  Just to give you an idea of the creativity of her posts.
Very deep and spiritual posts.
A blog about a little bit of everything, so if you are following me, you will probably enjoy her blog as well.

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