Show some love to my lovely new followers

She’s a wonderful poet.  Check out her blog for some really nice works.
Punx In Solidarity
Everything you need to know about punk rockers can be found right here.  Check them out.
A relatively new blogger of all things music related who hasn’t posted too much as of yet.  Perhaps if we showed her some love, she might be encouraged to blog some more.
Poetry, pictures, quotes and stories.  This blog definitely lives up to its name!
She has been blogging since January of 2012, but doesn’t have very many posts yet.  Perhaps a little love will help encourage her to post more?
The Willows
Offers tips on finding a job.  Check it out if you are in search of a job.
A fairly random blog, but with some seriously amazing photos.  Check it out.
troy P.
All about music.  All music lovers should follow this blog.
Rob’s Surf Report
He has fiction, non-fiction, music, movies, photos, poetry and the list goes on.  Wonderfully random, just like me.  🙂
A nice eclectic mix of recipes, blogs, National Day information, etc.  Check it out.
Joseph E Rathjen
Writes about things in the news and there are reviews as well.  Very interesting blog, to say the least.

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