Why I Don’t Like Watching or Reading the News…


I usually have to go on a hiatus for a while after reading or watching the news too much.  It’s too difficult to watch the evil that envelopes the world on a daily basis.  The anger it instills in me is so great that it is very difficult to contain it.

Today the story is about a 14-year-old girl who was raped and impregnated by a then 20-year-old family member.  But the horror doesn’t end there.  When she was 8 months pregnant four other family members beat the girl four hours to induce an abortion.  They then tried to burn the remains of the 8-month stillborn child and dispose of the remains.

Family members are supposed to love and protect you.  They are supposed to be the ones you trust above anyone else.  When they betray you, who do you turn to?  Who can you trust?

These monsters deserve the same fate that they put the unborn child through, or, at the very least, the same fate they put that poor defenseless 14-year-old girl through.  But, for them, it should be eternal.  Sadly, the charges they are filing against them won’t come close to the justice the baby or the girl deserve.

If you wish to read the story for yourself, please click here.

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