Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery

As part of Death’s 30 Ideas to Relieve Boredom (and as a way to discover new things in the community I just moved to), I visited Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery last night for their free wine social.  The gallery itself is very nice with beautiful artwork of all types from wood art to glass art, from abstract paintings to poster art.  This gallery has a little bit of everything.  They are also a music venue for the area, though I didn’t get a chance to sample that last night.

As it turned out, the owner, Ken Vail, and I were the only ones to take advantage of the wine social.  That worked out to my advantage because he took the time to talk with me and I was able to learn about all the wonderful pieces of art.  If you are an artist looking to have their art displayed in a gallery, you should definitely contact Ken and discuss whether or not your pieces would fit into his gallery.  He definitely has an eclectic range of pieces that are affordable for any price range.  (I actually feel a little bit guilty actually because I apparently stayed about 15-20 minutes longer than they were supposed to be open.  In my defense, I don’t wear a watch and I don’t have a cell phone, so I really had no way of knowing the time.  Sorry, Ken.)

If you are in the Fairfield, Texas area, you might want to check out their 3-Year Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser today.  From Noon until 5:pm they will be having an open house, which includes live music at some point performed by the lovely Janette Regina Gibson.  The main event begins at 6:pm and tickets must be purchased in order to attend.  The website says that tickets are $40 for adults and $20 for children under 12.  However, I believe he was thinking about lowering the price at some point, so you might want to contact him if you are interested in attending the event.  The event includes a silent auction as well as live music by The Pitchforks (an alternative rock band with a southern twist).  Appetizers, sweets and beverages are also a part of the main event.

The Pitchforks Picture courtesy of Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery
The Pitchforks
Picture courtesy of Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery

If you miss the celebration, check out their Facebook page as they are always having different events, including the Free Wine Social every Friday evening.  Healthy Rhythm Community Art Gallery is a place that I will absolutely being attending on a regular basis.  Not only for the beautiful art, but for the lively conversation.

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