Free Speech Week – October 21st – October 27th



As writers we have a deep understanding of what Freedom of Speech means.  It is essential to our very existence.  It is important so that we may feel able to write things without repercussions from outside sources.  There, of course, are limits to such freedoms.  For instance, you cannot yell “Fire” in a crowded movie theater when there is no fire.  Or you cannot reveal certain information about your company when you have signed a confidentiality agreement.  Or you cannot libel somebody.

There have been some cases in the news lately that have put the first Amendment to the test.  Julian Assange is probably the most famous current user of the first Amendment who has been forced to basically go into hiding because of threats of prosecution from the United States government for information that he revealed about said government.  And then there was Josi Joseph who was recently fired from his position with the White House over tweets that he was posting under an anonymous account.

I found many websites with information about Free Speech Week.  I am including a few of the links here, but if you simply Google “Free Speech Week” there are many, many more.

No matter how you celebrate this week, celebrate it.  Freedom of Speech is fundamental to our very existence in this country.  Without it, media and the Internet would be nothing.

Please leave your comments below.  Thank you for reading!

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