Another Actor Gone To Soon~”Tribute” To “Philip Seymour Hoffman”

Another Actor Gone To Soon~”Tribute” To “Philip Seymour Hoffman”.

Absolutely beautifully written!


Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism.

This story actually makes me physically sick.  I don’t even know how to respond to this.  The school, the teachers, the parents, the classmates all of them defending bullies for their treatment of an autistic child.  How is this even possible in today’s day and age?  How?  If this child wasn’t autistic, would this still be acceptable?  If a perfectly healthy student called another student an asshole because that asshole was bullying him, would that bully have the right to punch him simply because he was called an asshole?  Seriously?  And then they video tape the entire incident and post it on YouTube and it’s STILL not considered wrong?  What the hell kind of town is this?

I feel for the parents of this child and for this child.  I seriously hope that they can find another place to live because I wouldn’t want to be raising my children in that kind of place.  If they can’t leave, I seriously hope something can be done about the immense ignorance of that school system.

I’m still physically sick from reading this.  If you have a choice, perhaps Matt Walsh is right and homeschooling really is the best option.

Thank you to Opinionated Man of Harsh Reality for sharing this article with us.