“What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?”

The song currently stuck in my head is “Say Something” by A Great Big World. The other day I was listening to this song and realized how much it symbolized Lola’s and Stephane’s relationship in “Reign”.

Say something, I’m giving up on you
I’ll be the one, if you want me to
Anywhere, I would’ve followed you
Say something, I’m giving up on you

Say something, I’m giving up on you
And I’m sorry that I couldn’t get to you
And anywhere, I would have followed you
Oh, oh, oh, oh say something, I’m giving up on you

I love “Reign”, though I still have to finish watching it (currently rewatching Downton Abbey with my daughter). I actually almost started crying when I realized the correlation between the song on Lola’s relationship with Stephane. This song is powerful in so many ways.


This post is inspired by 365 Days of Writing Prompts from The Daily Post.


Thoughts from Leonardo

“The vine that has grown old on an old tree falls with the ruin of that tree and through that bad companionship must perish with it.”

~ Leonardo da Vinci