Death of a Pumpkin

The pumpkin sat in a big box at a store with a bunch of other pumpkins waiting to be picked by a family and taken home.  Chester was so excited about the opportunity to be in somebody’s house.  He waited patiently as many of the other pumpkins were picked and taken.  The box was getting more and more empty.

“Hey, mom, what about this one?” he heard a boy say, lifting Chester out of the box to show his mother.

“Are you sure that’s the one you want?” his mother said.  “It seems a little oddly shaped.”

“It’s perfect for what I want,” the boy replied.

“Okay, put it in the cart.  I need to pick up a few more things.”

The boy tossed Chester in the cart and the mother continued her shopping.

Chester was thrilled!  He was finally going to get to go to somebody’s house for Halloween!  All the other pumpkins were talking about what a great holiday it was, focused solely on pumpkins.  They talked about parties and decorations and laughter.

Soon afterwards Chester was sitting on a table in a kitchen.  The boy was excitedly chatting away with his mother while helping to put away clean dishes.  Chester liked the kitchen.  It was warm and cozy.

“Okay, get some newspapers to put under the pumpkin before you start,” he heard the mother say.  Chester watched as the boy carefully laid out the newspaper under him.  The mother was pulling out different knives and laying them on the table.  Chester wondered what they were for.

The mother picked up a fairly large knife and grabbed ahold of Chester’s stem.  What was she doing?  OW!  Chester tried to scream, but realized he had no vocal abilities.  She was cutting off his stem.  The pain was horrendous!  Why was she doing this to him?

When she was done, the top part of his head, along with his stem was missing.  The boy began scraping out Chester’s insides.  NO!  What were they doing?  They were killing him!  This isn’t right!  This isn’t the Happy Halloween that it was supposed to be!

Chester lost consciousness after that.  Later, Chester sat on the boy’s front porch with a grinning face and a candle inside of him, waiting to greet the trick-or-treaters of the neighborhood.  Chester never got to see Halloween.




Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest



Lisa donned her costume for the party, eager to show off the witch she was going to become.  She carefully applied her makeup and styled her hair just right before putting on the hat.  “Perfect!” she said to her reflection in the mirror.

She made her way down the stairs and skipped into the kitchen to show her parents and her grandmother who was visiting from out of town.

“Who’s this?” her grandmother said, looking at her.

“It’s me, Grandma,” Lisa replied.  “Do you like my costume?”

“You are a very beautiful witch,” her grandmother replied, looking at Lisa’s parents for clarification.

“That’s Lisa, mom,” her mother explained.

“Who’s Lisa?”

It was then that everyone started to appear concerned.  Why didn’t Grandma recognize her?  It was just a costume, and her face was clearly shown.

“Grandma, are you okay?”

Her grandmother sat down in a chair and looked around.  She obviously recognized Lisa’s mother and her father, but when her eyes fell on Lisa, she seemed rather confused.  Lisa took off the hat, hoping that it would help her grandmother recognize her, but the confusion on her face increased.

“Why don’t you go ahead to the party, Lisa?” her mother stated.  “Grandma will be okay.”

As Lisa left the kitchen, upset by these turn of events, laughter erupted from the kitchen.

She turned back around and found her parents and her grandmother laughing hysterically.

“You should have seen your face!” her grandmother exclaimed.

“Grandma, that wasn’t funny!  You scared me!”

“Consider it payback for your little trick last year,” her grandmother replied.

Remembering the trick from last year, Lisa joined in the laughter.




Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest

Halloween Nightmares

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Picture borrowed from:
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Sabrina made her way to the barn where she thought she heard a strange noise.  She was used to the sounds the horses made when settling in for the night, but this was different.  She opened the barn door and was startled when an owl came swooping out, screeching its battle cry as it flew through the air.  She laughed at herself for being so jumpy.

She thought for a moment to blame the sound on the offending owl, but realized it wasn’t the culprit when she heard the sound again.  It was a faint rattling sound of chains.  She crept into the dark barn, feeling blindly for the light switch.  A cool breeze chilled her and she shivered uncontrollably.

“Stop being so silly,” she berated herself.  “This is your home.  It’s not a place to be afraid of.”  The moaning began then.  It sounded like someone was dying.  She quickly found the light and tried to turn it on, but apparently the power had gone out.

“Damn it!” she said, grabbing a lantern and lighting it instead.  The flickering light cast strange shadows on the walls.  The moaning grew louder and she jumped at the sound.  It seemed to be all around her.  The horses began kicking in their stalls, anxious to be away from this ethereal being.  Sabrina tried to calm them, but to no avail as the moaning grew louder and louder until she dropped the lantern, trying to cover her ears to escape the sound.

The lantern caught the hay on fire and soon she, along with the horses, was trying desperately to escape the sudden blaze.  In their desperate attempts, Sabrina swore she heard laughing.

Sabrina suddenly awoke in her bed, drenched with sweat.  Her heart beat uncontrollably in her chest.

“It was just a dream,” she told herself.  “I should never watch scary movies so close to Halloween.”




Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest

Black Cat Crossed My Path

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Picture borrowed from:
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“Great!  A black cat on a Sunday can’t be a good thing!” Eloise thought to herself and she finished up the morning dishes.  The cat just crossed beneath the kitchen window.  Eloise wasn’t normally a superstitious person, but her day already had weird twists of fate occurring.

First there was the phone call from her mother saying that she was going to be coming to stay for a week.  Apparently her father was out of town on business and her mother thought it would be a good time for a visit.  It’s not that Eloise didn’t like spending time with her mother, but this wasn’t a very good week for her.  Her mother was expected at five o’clock today, so Eloise was going to have to go to the grocery store to pick up something for dinner.

Next, as she was making breakfast for herself, she dropped a glass of orange juice on the floor.  The shattered glass and juice had spread everywhere and she had to get down on her hands and knees to make certain she got every piece and drop.  Several cuts later, she realized she had burned the bacon.

No, it was already not a good day.  And now the damn cat had to cross her path.  What more could go wrong?

She shouldn’t have said that.  She went to the grocery store and filled her cart with things to make for the night’s dinner.  She gets through the checkout line to discover that her credit card has been blocked.  Of course, it’s Sunday so she can’t do anything to try and fix it until Monday.  She had no other way to pay for the groceries, so left the store, highly embarrassed.

As she left, the black cat was sitting next to her car, as if waiting for her.  She bent down to pet the cat.

“Now, why are you doing this to me, little one?” she asked the cat, as if expecting it to answer.  “What did I ever do to you?”  The cat purred and rubbed against her leg.

Eloise sighed and got into her car.  It wasn’t until she was all the way home that she realized the cat had somehow managed to get into her car and climbed in the back seat.  She tried to get it to go away, but it followed her all the way into her house.  It refused to leave.  It just continued to purr and rub against her leg.

“Fine!  You can stay here, but stop giving me bad luck!  I have enough bad luck of my own to deal with!”

Just then the phone rang.  It was her mother telling her that she wasn’t going to be able to make it this week.  Her friends were taking her on a cruise.  Wasn’t that wonderful?

Eloise just looked at the cat and smiled.




Inspired by:  The Writer’s Cramp


There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.

 ~George Carlin

I found a place that I like to hide.  It’s a lonely place, but they don’t go there.  It’s beyond the riverbed, underneath a high cliff and behind a waterfall.  It’s difficult for them to maneuver the sharp ledges and turns.  But I’m more limber than they are.  And I have hands where they only have paws.

My name is Alice.  I am the last living human in this region.  I know there are other humans still alive out there, but they are miles away and I’d have to go through their territory to get there.  I’m not willing to do that.

I can survive here for years.  There is plenty of food and water supply.  I should be able to outlive them.  They are carnivores.  Eventually they will consume their entire food supply and either die off or move on to more rich territory.  I wonder why they haven’t left already.  Perhaps they were waiting for me.  I won’t give them that chance.

It was about a month ago when it all started.  I’m not really certain as to the time because I seem to have lost count of the days.  It started off with one or two deaths here and there, but then the numbers started increasing.  Entire families were eaten alive in the night, until eventually everyone was gone.  There was talk of werewolves, but I know better.  They were simply wolves gone mad with hunger.  But this was madness like no other.

I have never heard of so many wolf packs attacking humans at this rate.  It was astounding.  It was disgusting.  I had to burn my entire village to the ground because the smell of the dead carcasses was attracting other animals.  The wolves had circled the town that night.  They were waiting for me to emerge so they could eat me as well.

Tonight is the Hunter’s moon.  It will give them more light to hunt by.  I’m going to stay in the cave and not give them the chance.  We were supposed to be celebrating Halloween tonight.  My family and friends were supposed to be having parties and getting dressed up and eating candy.  Now they are all ash and the wolves are to blame for it.

Any minute now the howling will start.  I wish I had a way to block out the sound.  It makes my stomach turn to hear it.  That’s odd.  Why hasn’t it started yet?  They are never this completely silent.  I’m going to go take a peak.

The wolves are vanishing one by one.  Next to each of them is what looks like the ghost of a human.  Are they doing that?  It looks like the moon is weeping.



Inspired by:  31 Days of Halloween Contest

Ghosts of Animals Past

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Picture borrowed from:
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“Mama, do animals go to heaven when they die?” my daughter asks as we drive passed a pasture where some horses are frolicking and grazing.

“Yes, sweetie,” I answered. “But they have a special place that God created just for them.”

“Do you think they come back on Halloween to visit their family like humans do?” she asked. We had just been discussing the meaning of Halloween earlier that day, so the question didn’t surprise me.

“I don’t know, sweetie. I never really thought about it,” I answered. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” she answered, giggling as we arrived at the Halloween party her friend was having.

After I had dropped her off and was driving home, I felt as if a dog was licking my face. Out of the corner of my eye I could see our dog, Sam, sitting on the front seat of the car, happily waiting for me to pet him.

The only problem was that we had buried Sam last year after he had died from cancer.



Inspired by: 31 Days of Halloween Contest

Queen of Witches

Aradia carefully prepared the altar for the Samhain ritual. Being a solitary witch in the middle of a forest had its advantages of privacy, but she knew it wouldn’t be long before others began to arrive. She lovingly placed the mementos of those long passed on the altar to honor them this holy night. Then she offered the feast of the fruits of the harvest; baked bread, squash, baked apples with cinnamon, pecan pie and mulled wine. Candles were carefully placed around the altar to illuminate the offerings.

She drew the circle and began her chant to the four corners, calling on the protections of the ancients. Then she began to sing her praise to the God and Goddess. The wind blew gently around her, causing her robes to swirl about her legs. She heard them first. Their voices joining with her. Singing the song in joyous celebration.

All around her the ghosts of her ancestors began to form, laughing and singing and dancing. She joined the dance within the circle. The moon illuminated them as they merrily joined in the ritual. Aradia was happy with the turn out. But she knew that time was short.

They began the feast, enjoying the food and wine. They talked about the year that had passed and the year that was ahead of them. Aradia agreed that she had much to do in the coming year. She was, after all, the Queen of Witches. Her subjects needed her guidance to keep the faith alive.

Too soon, their time together had ended and Aradia closed the circle. “Until next year,” she said as the last of the ghosts vanished from sight.


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Picture borrowed from:
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Inspired by: 31 Days of Halloween Contest


Adrianna sat at her dressing table attempting to get ready for the Halloween party her work was sponsoring. “Mirror, mirror, on the wall… It’s useless!” she exclaims throwing down her eyeliner on the table. “I’ll never be beautiful!”

The man’s face appeared in the mirror with a look of disapproval. “But you are beautiful, my dear.”

“No, I’m not. Look at me; I’m starting to get wrinkles. And there are age spots. And then there is my gray hair.”

“You are gorgeous,” he responded. “You just need to see yourself as others see you.” In the mirror appeared a beautiful woman. The image was similar to that of Adrianna, except that there were no wrinkles, no age spots and the gray hair was actually shimmering. Adrianna smiled. “That’s better,” he said. “Now go to that party and show them what you are made of.”

Adrianna entered the banquet hall where the party was being held. Ahead of her, Julia, the office Bitch, was with her entourage of “yes” girls. Julia was admiring herself in the mirror. “Perfect,” Julia said to her friends.

“Oh, yes, Julia, you look beautiful,” one of them said.

As Adrianna approached, the mirror suddenly shattered in front of Julia, causing her to scream and jump backwards. “What’s wrong, Julia?” Adrianna asked. “Did you cause the mirror to break?” She couldn’t repress the smile on her face. Julia just spun and continued walking down the hall with her entourage firmly in tow.

“You shouldn’t have done that,” Adrianna said, looking down at the shards of broken mirror. Suddenly a mist began to ooze out of the pieces and formed around Adrianna. Her body seemed to be absorbing it as she stared in horror. “What are you doing?” she demanded.

“Justice,” the mirror replied.

She walked into the party. Everyone was dressed in masquerade gowns and tuxedos. Everyone help a masquerade mask, but they rarely held them up to their faces unless they were taking pictures or joking around. She spotted one of her friends and made her way to where he was talking with some other co-workers. As she arrived, they all suddenly stopped talking and just stared at her.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” she asked, concerned that she had gotten something on her dress or something.

“You look amazing, Adrianna,” Dan said, never taking his eyes off of her. Adrianna began blushing, not knowing how to react.

In the corner of the ballroom, Julia was in tears. Her entourage hovered around her. Adrianna could hear them talking. “It’s alright, Julia. It’s just a wrinkle.”

Justice, Adrianna thought to herself and smiled.


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Mad World

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Sally donned the blue dress, the white, lace-up boots and fixed her blonde wig perfectly. She was very excited about her costume and was anxious to get to the party and show all of her friends. It was an Alice in Wonderland theme and they each were assigned a role to “play”. She, of course, was Alice and her boyfriend, Steve, was to play the Mad Hatter.

She stepped out of the door of her apartment and suddenly felt very disoriented. The world spun around her and she passed out. When she came to, she was in another place. All around her were odd plants and animals that looked nothing like the real animals. They were like people.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her and spun her around and hugged her, “Alice! You’ve come back! I knew you would return! I knew you wouldn’t leave us forever!” It was a madman with blazing red hair, a strange hat and a pale face. His clothes were odd. But he was human at least.

“Where am I?” Sally asked.

“You are here,” the madman explained.

“Where is here?”

“Not there.”

“You aren’t making any sense,” Sally complained.

“Does anybody ever really make sense?”

“No, I guess not. Why do you call me Alice?”

“That is your name.”

“No, it’s not. I’m Sally.”

“Don’t be silly, Alice.”

It finally dawned on Sally that she was in Wonderland. She must be dreaming. Well, if she was dreaming, then she could wake up. She tried pinching herself, but only managed to leave a stinging red mark on her arm. She tried blinking several times, but that just made her vision all fuzzy for a while.

The madman, who must actually be the Mad Hatter, was dancing around chattering away about this and that. Sally was terrified. She didn’t know if she would ever see her home again. She was trapped in a mad world with the Mad Hatter.

He looked at her and smiled.


Inspired by: 31 Days of Halloween Contest


Aradia slept in her bed, trapped in a dream that scared her to death. The Devil’s face was cast in her antique mirror that hung over her dressing table. He was laughing at her, taunting her with his ability to make her do his will.
He moved her body like it was a rag doll. He tossed her around and made her do hand-stands on the posts of her daybed. When he was done with her, he threw her onto the bed with a thud. Her bed bounced with the impact as she came fully awake.
Shaking and dazed, she left her room and went down the stairs to where her mother and brother sat in the living room. “What’s wrong?” her mother asked, noting that Aradia looked as if she had seen a ghost. She grabbed Aradia’s arm when she noticed writing upon it. Upon her arm was the word “DIE” written backwards in brown ink.

Inspired by: 31 Days of Halloween Contest