12 Days of Christmas: Peace and Love

The wreath decorates the front door.
Welcoming guests to our home once more.
Christmas is about hope and love,
As symbolized with the mourning dove.

The collie birds adorn the wreath’s décor,
To acknowledge the gospels that we adore.
Enter our home with peace and trust
And relax your weary mind if you must.




Inspired by:  12 Days of Christmas Contest


12 Days of Christmas: Everlasting Passion


She sat on the bench at the park feeding the doves everyday. I would join her on my lunch hour and we would chat about life.

“They mate for life,” she once said, referring to the doves. “When one dies, the other usually is gone within hours. That is true love.” There was a sorrow in her expression as she spoke.

I walked her back to her apartment that day and she gave me a hug. “Thank you for listening to this old woman ramble on.”

A few weeks later I noticed she wasn’t at her park bench. I finished my lunch and decided to check on her on my way back to the office. A young woman answered the door. Her face was obviously tear-streaked.

“My mother passed away during the night. She asked me to give you this letter.”

“How did you know who I am?”

“She said you would most likely check on her at this time of day. She told me how you would have your lunch with her while she fed the birds.”

I waited until I got home to read the letter.

“I met my husband when I was a young girl,” the letter began. “We married young and had three beautiful children together. They are all grown with wonderful families of their own now. My husband was my soul mate… my one true love. He passed away a few weeks ago. It is time for me to follow him home. Like the doves, we are mated for life.

“I want you to know that true love does exist. Be patient and do not settle for anything less than forever. You are worthy of everlasting passion.

“Merry Christmas, my dear. May all your wishes come true.”



Inspired by:  12 Days of Christmas Contest

12 Days of Christmas: Faith, Hope and Love

Faith, Hope and Love.  It was the foundation of what they taught at church.  So when three farmers showed up at the young priest’s doorstep with an offering of three French hens, Father Simon immediately understood the meaning behind it.  He invited them into his home to share in a Christmas meal.

Suzanne, Eli and Nathaniel were young farmers who had inherited their family’s wheat farm when their father past away during the summer.  Their crops had failed that season and they hoped that the offering of the French hens to the church would bring a better harvest next season.

Father Simon said a special prayer for the young farmers at dinner that night.  The next day he went to the church and there was a man standing at the door waiting for him.

“Are you Father Simon?” the man asked.

“Yes, I am.  How may I help you?”

“I was told that maybe you might be able to help me find work.  You see, I’m recently unemployed and my wife is expecting our first child and we just got evicted from our apartment.  I’m willing to do anything.  I’m a very hard worker.  We are even willing to except room and board as payment for work until I might be able to find something else.”  The man looked down on his luck, but he did look able-bodied.  The priest immediately thought of the young farmers and he gave them their names and phone number.

A few weeks later the young farmers returned to the church to thank the young priest.  They told him that the man he had sent them had been a godsend.  He taught them things that they never even knew about farming and even helped them decide on some livestock to raise to help get them through the colder months when they had no crops.  They had even decided to take him on permanently and were helping the young couple to build a small house on a piece of their land that wasn’t really good for crops.

“You had faith in God to bring you a solution to your problems,” he told them.  “You had hope that things would get better.  And you showed love by taking in the man and his wife.  You do not need to thank me.  You did it all yourselves.”


Inspired by:  12 Days of Christmas Contest

Virgin Birth

12 Days of Christmas – Day One Prompt:  On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree. Write a short story or poem about something made with pears for Christmas. I want to be drooling when I read your entry.

The TARDIS squealed to a halt and Sarah burst through the doors to see what her next adventure would be like.  She stumbled into what appeared to be an orchard of some kind.  The Doctor walked out after her.  “Oh, look, we are on Deva Loka!  We must have landed in someone’s orchard,” he said picking a fruit from one of the trees and sniffed it.

“It’s beautiful!” Sarah exclaimed, dancing around, giddy with delight.  “What is that?” she asked, indicating the fruit in the Doctor’s hand.

“It is what they call Fruit of the Gods.  It is similar to Earth’s pears.  Try it.  They are delicious,” he answered, handing her the beautiful green fruit.

She bit into it and savored the luscious juice that spilled forth from it.  “Doctor,” Sarah began, “am I supposed to feel fun…” She began to fall and the Doctor caught her up before she hit the ground.

“That’s odd,” he said to himself.  He licked at the fruit trying to determine the problem.  He couldn’t detect any hint of something unusual about the fruit.  Perhaps it was simply an allergic reaction.  He should no better than to let his companions eat strange foods.  There was no telling how they would react.

He carried Sarah back into the TARDIS and laid her down on the ground.  He began a bio-scan of her when she began to rouse.

“Wh-What happened?” she asked.

“You had an unusual reaction to the fruit.  I’m scanning you now to determine if there is any permanent damage.”  The Doctor stared at the viewer in disbelief.  “Sarah, how long have you been with me now?”

“Oh, I don’t know.  Perhaps a year?”

“Yes, yes, it’s been a year.  And in all that time you haven’t had a boyfriend, is that correct?”

“What does my love life have anything to do with this?”

“Just answer the question!” the Doctor yelled, getting a little anxious by what he was seeing on the viewer.

“No, I haven’t had a boyfriend.  I am miserably single and will probably always be miserably single, thank you very much.”

“Then how could you be pregnant?”


Sarah stood up and ran to the viewer to see the bio-scan results.  Sure enough it indicated that Sarah was approximately three months pregnant.

“But that’s not possible!” she exclaimed.

“I think it has something to do with the fruit.  I’ll have the TARDIS scan it, but it will take some time.  Humans anatomy is easy, but exotic alien fruit is another.”

“How am I supposed to explain a child to my family?  I’m supposed to go home for Christmas.”

“Virgin birth?”

“Ha ha.  Very funny!  What if the child has three heads?”

“I could think of worse things.”

“Oh, yeah, like what?”

“A pear head wearing a fez and a bow tie?”  The Doctor ducked as Sarah threw her shoe at him.  The dizziness overtook her and she passed out again.


Sarah woke in her bed on Earth.  What a strange dream!