7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise

My father decided to take me and my kids on a 7 Night Western Caribbean Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas through Royal Caribbean.  We joined my uncle and his wife along with their son and his friend for this adventure.  We visited Labadee, Haiti, Falmouth, Jamaica and Cozumel, Mexico on this trip.  I had the most amazing time!

American Airlines/DFW Airport/MCO Airport/Hyatt Place Hotel (December 9, 2017)

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The Grand Hyatt at DFW Terminal D

The airport, like most airports, is a bit confusing to navigate.  It wasn’t too difficult when we arrived, we just ended up being a bit far from the gate since I didn’t know until we arrived what gate we were leaving out of.  I was definitely disappointed by the lack of Dr. Pepper for a Texas airport (I mean, seriously, Dr. Pepper is canned in Waco, Texas for God’s sake!).  The airport is nice, but you can’t get anything to eat or drink until after you pass through security.  I managed to make it through security easily enough.  I didn’t even have to take off my shoes since I was wearing sandals.  My father and son both had to give up their cans of shaving cream that were in their carry-on luggage, but that was it.

American Airlines

We flew American Airlines for our trip.  I found it rather annoying the way they had everyone board the plane.  I get that first-class, priority boarding passengers and those people with disabilities or special needs should board first.  But after all that, they should really board the back of the plane first and work their way to the front and do the same, but in reverse with disembarking.  People were tripping over each other trying to get to their seats with the carry ons, kids in tow, etc.

The flight was decent, though we did hit a bit of turbulence which prevented me from getting the wine I had asked for when they were going around with the drink carts.  Staff was decent, but not specifically spectacular.  As with most planes, there was very little room for your legs.  But, we didn’t have any screaming babies, obnoxious passengers or any other such discomforts during the flight.

MCO Airport

MCO Airport in Orlando is a very beautiful airport in my opinion.  We had very little trouble finding our luggage and getting to the area for the shuttle to pick us up.

Hyatt Place

We stayed overnight at Hyatt Place Orlando.  We had a very nice room, though they did have to change out our refrigerator because it wasn’t working properly.  They entire staff was very friendly and helpful and we enjoyed our stay there.

Day 1 (December 10, 2017): Cruising

Evening Attire: Smart Casual 5:30p.m.

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We mostly spent the first day unpacking, exploring the ship and attempting to find food to eat for my vegan daughter.  We didn’t really have much luck, so she decided it would be best if she was pescatarian for this trip.  It was one flaw about the trip, but she did enjoy all of the seafood they had to offer and even tried lobster for the first time.  That wasn’t my favorite time in the world, since about four of the people at my table decided to order the lobster and the smell made me nauseous (I’m allergic to all seafood).

Our stateroom (Deck 3, Room 254) was very nice and the perfect size in my opinion.  There was plenty of storage and enough room to walk around.  My only real complaint was that the refrigerator was only big enough to hold drinks and not leftover food.  Also wouldn’t have minded a small microwave somewhere.

12-10-2017 Angela with view from our stateroom

The main dining room (American Icon) actually has excellent food and service.  I definitely recommend taking advantage of the free meal.  This night was a “Smart Casual” night, but many people came in shorts and t-shirts.

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Day 2 (December 11, 2017): Cruising

Evening Attire: Formal 5:30p.m.

Drink of the Day: Woo Woo; Vodka, Peach Schnapps, a dash of sour and a splash of cran

This day I attended a Beer Tasting at Globe & Atlas Pub.  I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I actually enjoyed doing this.  I discovered that I really like Bass Pale Ale.  I also discovered that I really had to use the restroom by the time the tasting was over… lol

My son and I also attended Music Trivia: Songs with Color at the Schooner Bar.  I failed, but it was still a lot of fun.  We would have done better if my daughter had been with us, since she is the music aficionado in our family.

Unfortunately, I was in the restroom when the photographer came around at dinner, so I am not in any of the photos this night.

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The kids and I also went to an Informal Singles Get Together at the Rising Tide Bar.  It was a flop, but the bar itself is kind of cool.

12-11-2017 Rose at Informal Singles Night at Rising Tide Bar

Day 3 (December 12, 2017): Labadee, Haiti

Evening Attire: Smart Casual 5:30p.m.

Drink of the Day: Citrus Cooler; a blend of vodka and tropical orange juice with Triple Sec and a splash of Sprite.

We all got off in Haiti, but it ended up being too warm for my daughter and myself so we went back to the ship and my son and father stayed on shore.  My daughter and I decided to head for the hot tubs since most people were on shore.  It was rather relaxing.

While we were relaxing pool side, my father and son were busy spending a ton of money in Haiti.  (Beware the tricky salespeople, I am positive all that we got wasn’t worth what my father spent.)

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Later in the day the kids and I went to participate in Visual Trivia: Before They Were Born at the Schooner Bar.  It was fun, but, once again, we didn’t win.  It was actually quite difficult.

My daughter and I also went to see a show called “Frozen In Time”.  It was quite good and I highly recommend everyone see it.

Day 4 (December 13, 2017): Falmouth, Jamaica

Evening Attire: Smart Casual 5:30p.m.

Drink of the Day: Melon Mojito

This is when my daughter started getting sick and decided to stay on the ship rather than come with us to Jamaica.  I really think she would have enjoyed it had she not been feeling so wrong.  I spent tons of money, drank lots of rum and had a sincerely good time.

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My kids and I went to see the Headliner show featuring The Edge Effect.  The show was excellent and I highly recommend it.

Later in the evening, the kids and I attended Adult Karaoke at On Air.  My daughter sang “You & I” by Lady Gaga and I sang “Angel of the Morning” by Juice Newton.

Much later in the evening my daughter and I attended Not Your Average Casino Party at the Casino Royale.  My daughter was in her Jack Skellington pajamas and the DJ asked if he could take a picture of her to show his girlfriend.  My daughter was pretty enthused about that.

Day 5 (December 14, 2017): Cruising

Evening Attire: Formal

Drink of the Day: Melon Mojito

My son and I enjoyed the Holiday Lyrics Trivia at Schooner Bar, but we were really horrible at it.  In our defense, I’m pagan and he’s an atheist…

This was also the last formal night at dinner and I am very upset that the photographer didn’t even bother trying to get pictures of everyone at our table.  Also, I just realized that the dates are incorrect on a couple of the photos.

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Day 6 (December 15, 2017): Cozumel, Mexico

Evening Attire: Smart Casual

Drink of the Day: Margarita Azul

Cozumel was nice, but I found that some of the salespeople were just outright rude.  We spent a lot of money in port, but I refused to do business with anyone who weren’t polite and friendly.  Their loss.

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My son and I went to Music Trivia: Classic Rock at the Schooner Bar.  It’s really too bad my daughter wasn’t with us, because we might have one had she been there.  Afterwards we went to Country Night at Dazzles with my father and him and I danced a couple of times.  When that was over, we headed to Country night at Globe & Atlas Pub, but my father didn’t like how loud it was in such a confined space, so we ended up calling it a night.

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Day 7 (December 16, 2017): Cruising

Evening Attire: Smart Casual

Drink of the Day: Portside Punch

We spent the last day packing for the most part.  I also spent a lot of time attempting to find extra luggage to buy (managed to find two small carry-ons at the Royal Shop).  This was also the day that I decided would be a great time to get all of our photos.  This was a horrible idea.  I should have never waited until the last minute.  It was crowded and it was difficult to find all of our photos.  I am still positive that I am missing some of them.

Trinkets bought while in port

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Things I Will Do Differently Next Trip

  1. Pack less clothes.  Two formal outfits with accessories that go with each outfit, two casual long-pants outfits, a cardigan sweater, one swimsuit and three warm weather outfits, sandals and walking shoes are all that is really necessary for a 7-day cruise.  Also, definitely pack cold tablets, just in case (they are way too expensive to buy on the ship).
  2. Bring one extra full-size luggage for purchases.  I’m thinking of adding bubble-wrap, tape and scissors to this bag to protect those fragile items in transport.
  3. Don’t bother with room service at all during the trip.  They can’t get your order right anyway and the main dining room is quite excellent for all your meals.
  4. Book all the shows the moment you get into my room on the first day so there is no trouble obtaining tickets later.
  5. Bring a highlighter to make it easier to plan out my day when I get the itinerary each day.
  6. Keep thorough track of each item spent so I can be certain that the bill is accurate at the end of the trip.  I may also ask for a breakdown of my bill each day.
  7. Also, I need to remember to clear out my phone so I have room for all the pictures that I want to take.  Also need to remember to take my phone with me everywhere I can so I can get those pictures.

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