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Well, it sure has been a while!  I won’t say that there has been a LOT going on since I last posted, but I have been busy.  My typical week consists of my full-time job as a site supervisor with a security company that takes up more than the typical 40 hours per week on average.  After my mother passed away, I managed to get sick for almost a whole month which made life particularly fun.  Weekends consist of regular doctor appointments for my children that are 50 miles away, grocery shopping, and regular household chores (so my workday is actually my vacation from the exhausting work of weekends).

I wish I could say that this is the Doctor we’ve been visiting every weekend, but, while I adore the doctor that we DO visit, it isn’t my hero.  This picture was borrowed from:  IGN

We also had three dogs/puppies and four cats/kittens at one point, but two of the puppies ended up being taken back to the shelter yesterday and my kids are devastated because of it.  We will definitely miss these girls.

Bailey and Zoey
Bailey (the golden one) and Zoey (the black one)

Of course, the new addition of three kittens is a definite plus.

With all these recent additions to our family, and the adjustment to living without my mother in our lives, we’ve also decided to start playing Dungeons & Dragons regularly with a couple of friends of ours.  We very much enjoy getting together with them and I am particularly enjoying cooking vegan meals, appetizers and snacks whenever they come over.  Tomorrow I am making vegan stuffed peppers and am going to ATTEMPT to make a vegan cake for their son for his first birthday (it was last week, but they were celebrating with family).  I stress the “attempt” part because I have never been very good at baking, so I hope it is a success.  If I can, I will post pictures and recipes tomorrow (assuming all goes well).

Besides all of that, my daughter has recently become interested in paganism.  I think this is great because I used to be pagan, but strayed when my babies were little, but always felt more empowered when I was pagan.  So, my daughter and I have embarked on a path of educating ourselves about paganism.  To this end, the kids’ father and I have started a Facebook Page dedicated to paganism called Navigators of the Pagan Tide.  Please check it out if you are interested.

The beginnings of my altar.  If you wish to learn more about the items on the altar, please visit the Navigators of the Pagan Tide Facebook page.

We will also be selling artwork related to paganism that was created by John Wannall, the kids’ father, in our etsy store.  He’s an amazing artist, so I hope you check it out once we get fully operational.

That’s about it for today.  I hope you enjoyed this blog post.  Please feel free to leave comments or message me at any time.  Please have a blessed day.  So mote it be!

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