Earth Day 2017

My daughter decided that she wanted her grandfather to help her learn about plants and the like and got him to agree to buy her some plants.  My normal shopping day is Saturday for the household, so we went out shopping for plants and groceries.  As it turned out, it was also Earth Day which neither of us even thought about until we saw it on Facebook later in the day.

The first thing my daughter wanted was Lavender, so we got this plant that her grandfather will help her plant in the yard somewhere.
She’s always wanted a real succulent for her bedroom (she has a fake one currently), so we got this beautiful little succulent.
This is the cutest little cactus I have ever seen!
Flower Pots
My daughter is very creative and she decided to decorate her own pots!
Flower Pot - Van Gogh
Van Gogh is her creative inspiration.

This post is inspired by The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.

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