7 Things I Would Love to Eat Guilt-Free

Mama Kat challenges us to write a blog about 7 things we would love to eat guilt-free.  I love Mama Kat’s blogs/vlogs.  She is a great inspiration for me, however, I am altering this to include drinks.

    1. Steak – I love steak in all forms.  Unfortunately, I am poor and very rarely get to eat steak.  Sure I get steak tacos every now and then, but it’s not the same as slicing into a big, juicy steak with a loaded baked potato and some form of vegetables for a side dish.

      From “The Kittchen”
    2. Bacon – I absolutely LOVE bacon.  I could willing eat a whole pound of the stuff by myself.  I even love things wrapped in bacon.  Bacon-wrapped bacon is even better in my book.
    3. Eclairs – These yummy little treats never last long in my house.  It’s an obsession with us.

      From “I Adore Food”
    4. Wine – I love red wine.  Not sweet though.  Sweet wine is nasty.  I like Burgundy and Merlot.  Give me wine and I’m a happy camper.w-wine-bottle-glass23876
    5. Margaritas – I love Margaritas as well, but not frozen.  It must be on the rocks with salt.  And I better taste that tequila or it isn’t even worth my time.large-margarita-glass
    6. Mexican food – I love Mexican food.  I’m trying to learn to cook it so I don’t have to wait to be able to afford to go out to eat (Taco Bell doesn’t count), but I’m not the best at it yet.maxresdefault
    7. And, finally, we have Dr. Pepper – I’m absolutely obsessed with this stuff.  I know I could lose a ton of weight if I just stopped drinking this, but I love it.  I have absolutely no willpower whatsoever.

So, there you have it.  The 7 things I would love to eat/drink guilt-free.  I hope you enjoyed!


Mama’s Losin’ It

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