Spirit Animal

Talk Tuesday!

If you had a “spirit animal” that wasn’t an animal, what would yours be? (Pretty sure mine’s a burrito in case anyone asks, but no one is and I could be totally wrong). And what would you think some of your fellow bloggers’ “spirit animals (that aren’t animals)” are?


Privately, I believe my real spirit animal is a tiger.  But, what would it be if it wasn’t an animal?  A novel?  But which novel?  The ones that come to mind are Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald Mage trilogy.  They could be my spirit animal in non-animal form.


Supposing that we desired to have fun with this, it could be Dr. Pepper or even wine.  Why not?  I enjoy both.




Or a stuffed animal?  The stuffed bunny my daughter gifted me so I’d have something to snuggle with when I sleep.  (Can I tell you a secret?  I snuggle with that bunny every night.  It’s a wonderful cuddler!)


Too many options to choose from and I’m afraid I am not acquainted with my fellow bloggers well enough to predict theirs.  But I am looking forward to their posts to see what they consider their “animals”.


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