Linear Thought

I wish I could get my thoughts out, but they simply continue to ramble on.  Like a balloon floating on air, they don’t really seem to have a sense of purpose.  They go where the winds take them.  It makes me wonder if humans were even meant to have linear thought.  Take the conversations I have with my children, for instance.  They start off as something as mundane as “How was your day?” and five subjects later we are in the middle of a deep discussion about the existence of God.

I know my heart bleeds, but, for the life of me, I can’t seem to focus on the pain.  I just know that I bleed.  Perhaps that is why we don’t have linear thought.  If we did, then we might never be able to get past the pain and move on.  Of course, the other side to that is that it also allows us to forget the pain and put ourselves in a position where we can be wounded again.

I guess that’s the point.  We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable in order to partake in the benefit that is love, but in the process we allow our hearts to be exposed to the sharp edges of human daggers.  So, once again, I bleed and, once again, I will forget the pain.

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