Back from the Dead

I’m Back!!!

Did you miss me?  I know you missed my daily posts!  After all, where else can you read about random miscellaneous stuff that nobody really cares about?  I bet you didn’t even realize I was gone… 😉

Well, I’m back from my vacation in Houston.  I had a wonderful holiday and came back to my “house” to find even more surprises!

My list of gifts include:

  1. A Doctor Who shirt from my brother and sister-in-law
  2. A seriously cool massage pillow and eye mask from my son
  3. A wallet (which was desperately needed) from my daughter
  4. Money from my parents
  5. And when we got back to our house my kids and me were greeted by electric blankets on each of our beds

If I had to choose, I would say the electric blankets are my favorite thing since my furnace doesn’t work and it’s been especially cold at night here in Texas.  But I love all of my gifts.

My son got a bunch of Dungeons and Dragon books for Christmas, so him and I have been having a blast creating characters and playing through the starter adventures.  I used to love playing this game with my friends and even spent something like four years or so playing the same character.  We used to have so much fun doing that.

I actually cooked Christmas dinner for the entire family (minus my brother who unfortunately had to work in a different state so was unable to attend).  I actually managed to not burn anything.  My mother and I actually made the stuffed shells together and I just stuck them into the oven to cook them.  And my father helped by peeling the potatoes for me.  But, other than that, I actually did it all.  I was rather proud of myself since it was the first holiday dinner I had ever cooked by myself.  I even got the timing of all the dishes to come out at approximately the same time.  That, in itself, is a feat.

I seriously enjoyed having television for a little while.  Although I spent it mostly watching old episodes of NCIS once my father got there.

How was everyone’s holiday?  I hope everyone was safe and happy during the holiday season.  Here’s looking forward to a brilliant 2014!

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