After Christmas Sales

My daughter and I ventured out yesterday to attempt to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales.  We went to the mall first and my daughter managed to find a t-shirt she wanted at Hot Topic that ended up being only $4 and something cents.

Then we headed over to Walmart.  Everything Christmas related was supposed to be 50% off.  We picked up quite a few items:  A Gillette Kit for my son ($7.44), a candle for my sister-in-law ($5.97), candy canes for a project I want to try (a Christmas plate made from candy canes) ($0.49 per box), mini stockings ($0.49 each), candy to fill those stockings ($3.24), and cookie cutters ($1.44).

What ended up upsetting me though was that I found a cocoa set that came with two mugs, cocoa, chocolate and marshmallows.  It was supposed to be 50% off because it was a Christmas item, but it rang up full price.  I waited in line for customer service and she agreed that all Christmas items were supposed to be 50% off, but she only did a price check to verify the price.  It was still ringing up full price, so I just had her give me my money back along with a refund for a cookie mix that also rang up improperly.  It was disappointing, but I am still happy with the sales we got.  I know that there will probably be a better sale later, but there won’t be as much selection.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  Hopefully all of you were also able to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales.


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