Kyle Jaglal vs. Walmart – Petition

Walmart: Rehire employee fired for price matching turkey for elderly customer two days before Thanksgiving. Click picture to see petition

You see, the problem with this story is that it is extremely one-sided. Walmart does not fire employees for just one incident unless that incident involves theft. The truth behind this story and what this boy probably didn’t want to tell his loving mother is that he was fired for multiple violations including following required lunch and break policies and other store procedures. Seriously, people, do NOT believe everything you read. A little research goes a long way before stringing somebody up for a crime they did not commit.

Unfortunately anybody can create a petition on  You don’t have to be extremely intelligent to do so.  You just have to have what sounds like a good cause.  The problem with this is that false information being spouted by some of these petitions can lead to riots.  There are enough people who hate Walmart.  Give them enough fuel and they will cause Walmart to explode in fire.

8 thoughts on “Kyle Jaglal vs. Walmart – Petition

  1. I used to work for Wal-Mart (pity me) so I know that if they had decided that he knew the person for whom he was price-matching that could be considered theft. It’s a stretch, but you’re otherwise right. If that was the first time he’d gotten in trouble, he’d have not been fired.

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