Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop – December 19, 2013

Writing Prompts for 12/19
1.) Write a blog post inspired by the word: pajamas
2.) A memorable gift.
3.) The last thing you got mad at a pet for.
4.) A favorite holiday tradition.
5.) Your top 5 favorite Christmas songs.

“Dusty, what are you chewing on?  Another pair of headphones!  That’s the 10th pair this month!  Stop it!”

You would think that at some point I would learn to put the headphones in a cabinet or a drawer when they aren’t actually being used, but I just never think to do that.  I love my kitty, but sometimes he can be such a pain.

I know this is short, and I would have done #5, but I’ve already done a MixTape with my five favorite Christmas songs.  You can check it out if you would like:

I hope you enjoy!

Mama’s Losin’ It


7 thoughts on “Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop – December 19, 2013

  1. Omg, I know the feeling! I thought I had learned to keep them up but my husband’s pair have gone missing (shh don’t tell him) I figured either I left them in her reach and she ate them, or my toddler got a hold of them and gave them to the dog, put them in the trash or gave them to the cat. Not sure which, but they seem to be no where to be found. :-/
    What makes headphones so good, that our pets want to eat them?? o.O

      1. Maybe, or they’re missing something in their diet. I hear humans crave and eat things that maybe b weird or just sound good cuz our body is missing somethin or running low on something maybe animals r the same way.

      1. Haha, yea, he’s already pretty much to that point. Feels like I’m constantly looking over his shoulder to know what he’s getting into. The other day he was trying to eat dog food, (when he was a little younger it was dog poop, he’d stick his hand threw the bars of the cage and whatever he grabbed he’d put in his mouth *uck* I’ve learned to keep the cage clean). I keep telling him he’s gonna be the death of me 😛

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