Dear M

December is “National Write to a Friend Month.”  Write a letter to one of your friends.  This friend can be anyone and live anywhere.

Dear M,

I lost track of you many years ago when we were both still teenagers.  I am 39 now with two teenage kids and living in the middle of nowhere in Texas.  I wonder what became of you.

Did you get married?  Do you have children of your own?  Did any of your dreams come true?  Are you all right?

I’ve thought about you nearly everyday since then.  I even have dreams about you from time to time.  I miss our friendship.  I miss the way we didn’t even need to use words most of the time to know what the other was thinking or feeling.  I miss our closeness… our bond.

I’ve never had another friend like you.  Nobody has been able to compare to what we had.

I hope that life has brought you happiness beyond measure.  You will always have a special place in my heart.

Love eternally,



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One thought on “Dear M

  1. Great letter. I have friends from my past like that. I didn’t realize it was National Write a Letter to a Friend Month…I think I too have a letter write.

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