Sad News Spreads Fast

30-Day Bloggers Group:  December is an Unofficial Blogging Month

It seems that everyone is talking about the death of Paul Walker the past couple of days.  I know that there was some initial confusion as to the legitimacy of the reports of his death.  I can understand why there would be some questions.  I mean, it is slightly ironic that the star of the Fast and Furious franchise dies in a horrible automobile accident.  But, besides that, there is some discrepancy as to the date of his death.  Original reports that it was a hoax came out on Friday, but his actual date of death was on Saturday.  My best guess as to the discrepancy is that the story about the hoax came from another part of the world where it was still Friday.  That’s why I believe it is important to note the date and place of death when reporting such news.  It also didn’t help that TMZ was the first to report the story.  Nothing personal against TMZ, but it’s not what is considered a reliable news source.

Regardless, it is terribly sad news that Paul Walker and his friend, Roger Rodas, were killed in such a horrific accident.  I believe that the world has lost two incredibly amazing human beings.

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