A Feast for Everyone!

30-Day Bloggers Group:  November 28, 2013 Prompt:  Thanksgiving. Do you live in the US and celebrate it? What does it represent to you today versus what it might have represented in the Holiday’s infancy? Do you live outside the US and don’t care about Thanksgiving? Give us your thoughts.

I do live in the US and normally we celebrate Thanksgiving, though my daughter and I were unable to attend this year due to her being sick and me waiting for my third interview.  (I really hope he didn’t forget about me, I expected him to call…)  Anyway, it definitely holds a different meaning than it did in 1621 when the pilgrims who were simply grateful for their first harvest first celebrated it.

Today we celebrate and gorge ourselves on food.  In theory we are supposed to be giving thanks for things that we might not otherwise have, but, in reality, most of us just use it as an excuse to have an extremely large meal and to perhaps watch football.  (I’m certain my brother is going to drive my mother crazy with that.)

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