30-Day Bloggers Group:  November 21, 2013 Prompt:  Give your opinion on what the correct or “moral” course of action should be if an authority figure uses their power unconstitutionally or in a way that brings unnecessary harm to an innocent. Give an example from the media if your opinion deserves it.

If any person uses their power in such a way that it brings harm to an innocent, a court of their peers should hold them responsible.  That’s what the Constitution of the United States was designed to do.  It was designed to provide checks and balances so that no one person could hold complete power over another.  The problem today is that too many people manage not to take responsibility for their actions.

Let’s take the WikiLeaks scandal as an example.  Julian Assange released information that showed the United States government was conducting illegal activities.  Rather than the government taking responsibility for their actions, they decided to issue a manhunt for Assange causing him to take refuge inside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.  I don’t personally have an opinion one way or another about Assange’s guilt or innocence regarding the leaking of certain government documents other than to state that there has always been Freedom of the Press in the United States.  But I do believe the manhunt for Assange has caused everyone to forget what the government had done in the first place.

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