Daily Prompt: Love to Love You

What do you love most about yourself? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?


If I had to choose one thing that I love about myself, I would say that it was my inability to hate anyone.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I dislike a good many people and I choose not to have them in my life because of this.  But hate is such a powerful emotion and I would rather not waste the energy on a person who is so unworthy of my time.  I have been through a lot in my life and there are many people you would think I would hate, but I look at them with pity instead.  Pity because they will never be worthy of true love.  Pity because they are not capable of feeling that emotion themselves.  Pity because they choose to waste their own energy hating people and things that they can never change.  I’d rather spend my energy in love, for people who are worthy of that energy, who are worthy of my time.

I cannot choose one favorite person, because I have two children.  They are both my favorite people and I love that they are both individual, free-thinkers who do not let peer pressure influence their decisions.  For example, my daughter was invited to a party where she was told there wouldn’t be parents and there would be plenty of alcohol.  (My daughter is 14, by the way.)  She immediately said no.  She didn’t even hesitate.  She didn’t care if her peers thought she was a “goody-two-shoes”.  She knows what she wants to do with her life and she knows that going to such a party could have serious consequences on her future.  Then there is my son who chose to stand up for what he believes in against a teacher who tries her best to force her moral point-of-view on her students.  I’ve got to tell you, I couldn’t be prouder of my children.  They are amazing human beings and I have no idea how I managed to raise them.

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