Music While Writing

Blogging Circle of Friends:  Day 354 Prompt:  Do you listen to music when you write? What kind do you prefer? What would happen to your writing if you switched it up, tell us about it?
If you don’t tell us why?

Mostly I don’t listen to music when I am writing because usually I am writing when my children sleep and I don’t want to wake them.  I would use headphones, but I am allergic to the rubber on the tips of the ones we currently own.

Sometimes music can be distracting for me, so it is best if it isn’t playing.  Other times it can be a source of inspiration for a piece.  Tori Amos tends to be my strongest muse.  Her music tends to touch me in such a way that it inspires me to write a great many things.

One thought on “Music While Writing

  1. I always write with headphones on and a playlist playing. I even have different types of playlists for whatever I am writing.
    If you see me without headphones tell me off, as I should have them on and be working. LOL

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