Death’s 30 Ideas to Relieve Boredom: Idea #4

Coming up with ideas is going to be more difficult than I originally thought.  I thought for certain I could easily come up with 30 ideas at the very least to relieve boredom, but when it comes down to it, it’s not as easy as all of that.

I spent a lot of time today reading various blogs.  Some were very interesting and I enjoyed them immensely, others not so much.  I would have read a book, but, unfortunately, I’ve read everything that I currently own and I can’t take any books out from the library yet, because I still haven’t gotten my drivers’ license switched over to Texas yet.  To be honest, though, I’m almost afraid to read books at this point.

When I’m reading a book, I get so thoroughly engrossed that I tend to forget that there are other things that need to get done (like writing or cleaning or eating).  So, blogs are perfect for me write now.  They are typically short and to the point.  And I love reading people’s differing points of views on a variety of topics.

What are some of your favorite blogs to read?


7 thoughts on “Death’s 30 Ideas to Relieve Boredom: Idea #4

  1. welcome to texas! i get really sucked into book reading as well, and struggle to shake off my reading reverie when it is time to get back to doing the practical chores. hi from your rownie!

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