Moment of Frustration Day – October 12th

Everyone I know has a reason to be frustrated lately. Government shutdown, unemployed, sold your house at a loss, high property taxes, kids won’t clean their rooms, etc., etc. Everyone has a reason to be frustrated. Well, there is a day set aside to recognize that frustration and it’s today.

Here are six ways to vent your frustration in a healthy manner:

  1. Cry. Crying helps relieve a great deal of the stress and frustration. Of course, for those who do not like to cry in public, it can cause even more stress and frustration. So, try to find a private, safe place to do your crying.
  2. Punch. Punch a pillow or a punching bag. Make sure you don’t punch a person because that could just land you in jail. I don’t care if they deserved it, it’s not a healthy way to release your frustration.
  3. Write. Get it all out on paper (or computer). Vent your frustrations either privately or publicly through a blog. You never know, it could be the best piece of work you’ve ever written.
  4. Exercise. Go for a walk, a jog, or a bike ride. Go to the gym. Go swimming. Just get up and move around.
  5. Talk. Talking through your frustrations helps to make you realize that some things are just utterly silly. Like being frustrated that your two-year-old can’t clean up after himself or herself, for instance. It’s frustrating, but it’s nothing that can be changed.
  6. Create Art. Make something out of your frustration. Some of the best artwork can be created in moments of frustration, passion, heat, anger, etc. Use that energy.

These ideas were borrowed from: Six Great Ways to Vent Your Frustration

Have a safe and happy Moment of Frustration Day. Please leave your comments below. Thank you!


Picture borrowed from: Copyright remains that of the original owner.
Picture borrowed from:
Copyright remains that of the original owner.

3 thoughts on “Moment of Frustration Day – October 12th

  1. When I get really frustrated about something, I write about it. I don’t always print what I write, it’s usually an indecipherable rant, but it gets it out of my system.

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