Aradia slept in her bed, trapped in a dream that scared her to death. The Devil’s face was cast in her antique mirror that hung over her dressing table. He was laughing at her, taunting her with his ability to make her do his will.
He moved her body like it was a rag doll. He tossed her around and made her do hand-stands on the posts of her daybed. When he was done with her, he threw her onto the bed with a thud. Her bed bounced with the impact as she came fully awake.
Shaking and dazed, she left her room and went down the stairs to where her mother and brother sat in the living room. “What’s wrong?” her mother asked, noting that Aradia looked as if she had seen a ghost. She grabbed Aradia’s arm when she noticed writing upon it. Upon her arm was the word “DIE” written backwards in brown ink.

Inspired by: 31 Days of Halloween Contest


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