What I Read

Some of my favorite books have been chosen by “accident”.  The first novel I ever read was “Her Royal Destiny” by Carol Maxwell Eady and was originally owned by my mother.  I chose to read it because the cover looked interesting.  I loved it!  I ended up becoming fascinated with the wives of Henry VIII and with Henry VIII himself.

From there I have had a rather eclectic taste in what I read.  I have read everything from Mario Puzo’s “Fools Die” to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.  I don’t believe in limiting oneself to a specific genre.  When you do that, you close off your mind to a world of possibilities.

The current book I am reading is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.  I’m not very far into the book yet, but so far I find it quite interesting.  I started reading that book after my daughter bought it and finished it.  She raved about how good it was.  Oddly enough, I never read any of the classics, so I decided to give it a go.

I’m just as equally eclectic when it comes to the blogs I read.  Whatever seems to catch my fancy is what I tend to follow.  It could be poetry.  It could be humor (sarcastic humor is my favorite).  It could be about parenting.  It doesn’t really matter, so long as it interests me.

We as people cannot be defined by one word, so why should what we read be the same way?  Allow yourselves to be open to a universe of possibilities.

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“I suffer, but still I don’t live. I am an X in an indeterminate equation. I am a sort of phantom in life who has lost all beginning and end. ” ~ Mario Puzo “Fools Die”

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