Linear Thought

I wish I could get my thoughts out, but they simply continue to ramble on.  Like a balloon floating on air, they don’t really seem to have a sense of purpose.  They go where the winds take them.  It makes me wonder if humans were even meant to have linear thought.  Take the conversations I have with my children, for instance.  They start off as something as mundane as “How was your day?” and five subjects later we are in the middle of a deep discussion about the existence of God.

I know my heart bleeds, but, for the life of me, I can’t seem to focus on the pain.  I just know that I bleed.  Perhaps that is why we don’t have linear thought.  If we did, then we might never be able to get past the pain and move on.  Of course, the other side to that is that it also allows us to forget the pain and put ourselves in a position where we can be wounded again.

I guess that’s the point.  We must allow ourselves to be vulnerable in order to partake in the benefit that is love, but in the process we allow our hearts to be exposed to the sharp edges of human daggers.  So, once again, I bleed and, once again, I will forget the pain.

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All About New

I know it’s been ages since I last posted anything new, but a lot has been happening in my life and I would like to share it all with you now.

I started a new job.  I’m training to be an Assistant Manger of the KFC/Taco Bell in my small little town of Fairfield, Texas.  So, in about two months, stop on by and let us know what you think of the place.  This means a lot of long, hard hours, so I won’t be posting daily like I used to, but I will try to post at least once per week when I am home.

Soon after I started my training, my parents moved into a new house, so we have been working hard to try to get them set up with all the necessities of new home living, such as internet, phone and cable.  Everything is now put together, so they can live somewhat more comfortably.  All of this, of course, also means new home furnishings, which is loads of fun trying to pick out.

I guess that’s really it.  It seems like a lot more when you are living it rather than when you are writing about it.  But it is a lot of fun for me.  I’m exhausted everyday, but it’s a good kind of exhausted.  It’s the kind that tells you that you’ve actually accomplished something.

Hope everything is well with all of my wonderful followers!  Happy February!

The Quarterback

When Cory Monteith passed away on July 13, 2013, I was deeply affected by his passing.  At that time, my daughter and I had watched Glee on a regular basis and Cory played one of my favorite characters on the show, Finn Hudson.  So, when Glee: The Quarterback aired on October 10, 2013 and everybody was saying how they cried through the entire episode (even those people who didn’t normally watch the show), I decided to wait to watch it.  I needed to give myself more time and distance.

Well, today, with the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman, I decided it was time to view the Glee farewell episode to Finn Hudson.  And, everyone was right, I cried non-stop from the opening scene until the closing scene.  I guess it was inevitable.  I’m an overly-emotional person to begin with.  It doesn’t take much to get me to cry.  This episode had me sobbing every time a new scene was introduced.  I actually had to pause the episode and various intervals just to give myself a chance to breathe.

One of the quotes that touched me more than anything was when Carole, Finn’s mom, said:

“You know, when I would see that stuff on the news, I would shut it off because it was just too horrible to think, but I would always think, ‘how do they wake up every day?’ I mean, how do they…how do they breathe, honey? But you do wake up. And for just a second, you forget. And then, oh, you remember. And it’s like getting that call again and again, every time. You don’t get to stop waking up. You have to keep on being a parent even though you don’t have a child anymore.”


And then there is the quote:

“You know what’s tripping me up? This line between the two years. That’s his whole life. Everything that happened is in that line.”

The coach’s response was priceless as well:

“What are you going to do with your line?”

It really got me thinking about my line.  What meaning will it have on those that I leave behind?  I didn’t do much in my life so far.  I don’t know how many people’s lives I’ve touched.  I know there are some who will remember me when I’m gone.  There might even be some who will feel a hole in their lives when I am no longer there.  But how much impact will my life (or death, such as it is) really have on those people?

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead

Please click on picture to be taken to the news article on New York Daily News’ website.

I was just checking my Facebook when I saw news that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment from an apparent heroin overdose.  I am deeply saddened by this news.  He was an amazing actor!

I first saw him in “Magnolia“, which was just simply a brilliant movie all around.

Philip Seymour Hoffman as Phil Parma in Magnolia. Please click on the picture to be taken to the website the image was borrowed from.

He played many brilliant roles, most recently being Plutarch Heavensbee in The Hunger Games.  He will be sorely missed.  R.I.P. Philip.  May your afterlife be more brilliant than your mortal life.Phil